Our  Unique Learning Spaces   & Collections

GDS is proud to say that it has one of the most enthusiastic and well trained staff which strives 
tirelessly to make learning a more wholesome experience.
Over the years GDS has developed its infrastructure with the goal of widening the experience base of our children. With this goal, we have designed unique learning spaces around the campus with specific themes which cater to child's growing curiosity and interests.
Botanical Collection
Updated Library
Science Park
GDS Museum Collection

Our Science Park consists of a wide collection of models and specimens from various fields like -

  • Physics & Engineering

  • Mathematics

  • Archaeology

  • Geology

  • Paleontology

  • Botany, etc.

GDS's Library is one of the most important sections for learning spaces within the campus. Reading is an important part of our unique learning system. As such, we have a huge variety of books from various sections including -

  • Classics

  • Fiction & Fantasy 

  • Biographies, Autobiographies & Anecdotes

  • History & other social sciences

  • Science & Sci-fi

  • Thrillers & Best Sellers

  • Encyclopaedias & Other references

  • Drama & Poetry,

  • Comics, etc.

GDS Museum Collection has a rare and unique collection of items from various fields. These items have been collected personally and on-site by the school's enthusiastic team. The collection includes - 

  • Original Fossils 

  • Pottery Shards (dating back to 2000 BC)

  • Rare minerals & Ores

  • Numismatic replica collection

  • Paintings & Sculptures, etc.


Our school boasts a wide collection of plants which includes vines, creepers, grasses, shrubs, herbs and trees belonging to various species. The collection includes

  • Medicinal plants

  • Fruit-bearing plants

  • Flowering plants

  • Culturally important plants

  • Decorative plants, etc.