Key  Information

For new admissions, parents are encouraged to visit the school campus...

Since we follow a non-formal pattern of education, it is recommended that the parents/guardians visit the school campus in person for their introductory visit. This will enable us to address your queries in detail. 


Kindly book an appointment before visiting the campus.

Key Information

School timings *

Playgroup & Nursery

10am to 6pm 

Pre-primary section

Jr.Kg., Sr.Kg. : 10am to 6pm 

Primary and secondary

Grade 1 to 4 : 10am to 6pm

Grade5 to 10 : 8am to 4pm


Class Strength

The batch generally consists of 40 students with only one division per grade level.


Student-Teacher Ratio

We have maintained a student-teacher ratio of 20:1 for primary and selected topics in secondary. This ensures the quality of learning.



IGCSE (Cambridge) Board.

Also, we have a Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system based on grades.

Admission Criteria

  • According to Government regulation for 2020-21, the child should have completed 3 years of age for admission to nursery and 6 years of age for Class I by December 31.

  • The age limit changes by one year for subsequent higher and lower grades.

School Uniform

There is no school uniform up to Grade 4. 


Generally there is no school academic homework up to Grade 6. In special cases homework will be given to maintain the child's pace of studies. 


Facilities available *

Apart from academics, other facilities*  available are- 

Transport service for students - Study material - stationery - Food (Lunch + Evening Snacks) - Competitive exam training 

(specific exams selected by school) - Workshops - Guest Lectures - Field trips - Cultural Celebrations - Annual Events - Library - P.T. - Music - Sports etc.

* Conditions Apply


We highly recommend that both the parents (or guardians responsible for child's schooling) visit the school, in person, for the enquiry and admission process. This will help to make it easier for us to solve your queries and explain our system in detail.

The documentation and other procedures for admission to GDS will be explained after we have resolved your queries about our education system.

Our fee structure will also be explained to you during your visit.

If you are shifting to GDS from another school, we also request you to bring your child's notebooks of his current grade/standard OR last three years progress card so that we get an idea of your child's academic progress.

We are available on Mon-Sat between 10am to 4pm. Kindly confirm our availability on public and other holidays.