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An  Eco-friendly School

GDS is now a 'green' school with several environment friendly initiatives within our campus.

As a part of working towards becoming a green school, Gurukul- The Day School has adopted several eco-friendly projects. These include - 

  • Use of renewable solar energy

  • Waste water management

  • Kitchen waste management

  • Underground water reserve refilling

  • Diverse plantation of trees and plants, etc.

  • No-plastic zones across the campus
Kitchen waste management
Rain water harvesting
Renewable energy - Solar Power
Waste water management

At GDS, the rain water from the roof is transported to various tanks with the help of elaborate piping system. 

It is then used for various purposes ranging from watering the plantation in the campus, for use in toilets, borewell refill, etc.

Reuse of waste water has been systematically done at GDS campus right since the school's inception.


Waste water is collected from wash basins, kitchen sinks and other washing areas. It is then filtered and collected in a tank. From this tank, the clean water is then passed through channels and pipes to be used for watering the plants as and when required.

The waste from GDS kitchen is recycled to form natural and organic fertilizers for trees and plants in the campus.

We have set up a vermicompost plant, where the kitchen waste is collected daily and bio-degraded with the help of earthworms into organic fertilizer.

Throughout the GDS campus, we have more than 120 different varieties of plants which includes vines, creepers, grasses, herbs and trees belonging to different species.

The plantation includes medicinal plants, fruit bearing plants, flowering plants, decorative plants, culturally important plants, etc.

As a part of water recycling and water conservation initiative of GDS, the bore-well at school campus is refilled using rain water harvesting system.

The rain water is collected and passed through various filters to remove the impurities. It is then passed into the bore-well which can be reused as and when required.

Diversified plantation
Borewell refill system

Gurukul the Day School (GDS) has installed rooftop solar panels to utilize the renewable source of energy. GDS solar energy plant is now fully functional with all the electrical power supplied by the solar panels installed in the premises. 

Moreover, our infrastructure is designed to make maximum use of natural elements for light and temperature control and help to minimize the consumption of electricity.

These solar generation not only fulfills the school's electricity requirement, but also gives back the excess electricity generation to MSEDL.  

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