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Activities  &  Workshops

Activities and Workshops at GDS are aimed at developing the knowledge base through variety of methods. 
These activities are designed to provide a guided exposure on various topics and issues. The activities are aimed at developing social and global awareness and to create a feeling of belongingness which helps to develop team spirit. The activites help to expand the contextual reference base of the children which is a critical factor for understanding various issues in the society.
GAP - Global Awareness Programme

Our Global Awareness Programme (or GAP) is aimed at providing a global exposure to our children. Through this programme children are made aware of various fields like science, current affairs, technology, economy, arts, military, politics, environment, etc.

GAP helps in consistently developing the child's sense of judgement, cultural belongingness and moral and ethical values on a global scale.

GDS Workshops

Along with regular curriculum, activities in GDS provide ample opportunities to develop various life-skills and get inspiration. This is achieved through our workshops which includes - 

  • Documentaries

  • Life-skill development like cooking, pottery, origami, community work, etc.

  • Guest Lectures

  • Field Trips

These workshops are carefully designed and supervised to develop teamwork, , social skills, and confidence of the students.

Individual and Group Projects

GDS has an elaborate scheme of developing skills and techniques of research and presentation through projects. Every year students undertake several individual and group projects. Over the years this enables them to study about a vast number of subjects through research and imporve their knowledge base.


MEGA PROJECT is an annual event of GDS where children present such project. This event is an open event for general public.

Performing and Fine Arts

Art is the finest and subtle way of self-expression. Excellence in art enhances creativity as well as confidence and concentration. Apart from various art sessions in music, drawing, painting, craftwork, dramatics we also have an extensive collection of music, paintings, videos, etc. which provide encouragement and inspiration to students to appreciate and understand art.


Our staff is well trained and provides support to develop body language, presentation skills and other soft skills through various sessions of performing arts.

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