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Training Our Teaching Staff

“Since we live in an age of innovation,
a practical education must prepare a person for work
that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined.”

– Peter F. Drucker

    Gurukul staff is specially trained for interactive learning system. Teacher Resource Centre (TRC) provides support system of training. TRC is an interactive centre for continuous improvement of abilities and skills.


    GDS TRC provides rigorous and regular training for our teaching staff using 6 different methods each providing different type of exposure for professional development. It provides Library facility for staff, apart from which there is one day per week training session for all the staff. Training session includes slide shows and group discussions, presentation of thesis on allotted subjects, problem solving, personality development program, and lectures by visiting faculties. The training received under GDS TRC is a continuous comprehensive enhancement program which is also inclusive of professional development program which takes place for six hours every week on a day specially dedicated for training. 

    This day is also utilized for planning and development which includes discussions on student progress, student behavior, event planning, feedback and analysis of various other quality control measures, etc.

    In addition to these in-school training sessions our teachers also participate in various seminars organised on district, state, national and international levels. These include events organised by Cambridge Assessment International Education, Institute for Psychological Health, Teach for India, Mind Mingle, Magic Bus and many more...

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