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The  Concept

GDS is one of the renowned institutes in the district with a solid foundation and an atmosphere which is conducive to learning and freedom of thought.

The education pattern is designed to be stress-free for all children which makes learning a fun filled process. Personality Development and developing Core Competence of our students are the two predominant concepts at the heart of our philosophy. We challenge the students to think rationally and critically and encourage them to push boundaries as they are exposed to various opportunities and challenges in their life.

"Our experience in non-formal schooling"
A TEDx talk by the school's founders
The need for GDS education system

When the national boundaries are rapidly melting away in the heat of global economic and technological development, and when only the best will survive the competition, our children cannot remain contented with the traditional pattern of learning system.


Changing times and society demand the development of potentials/capacities and skills among our children to make them highly successful professionals in this global culture.

Growing with GDS

Studying at GDS is not only a fun-filled experience but also an enriching one. 


Along with academic excellence  we also develop communication skills, values, thinking skills, attitudes and many more qualities which are necessary today to survive the competition and, at the same time, become a better human being. This learning system gives our children an edge in becoming a successful global citizen with the right values and discipline, both in thinking and in action.

GDS Advantage

The skills and competencies required today cannot be developed overnight. These have to be laboriously and elaborately developed over the years.


The teaching-learning pattern at GDS is focussed on developing core competence through carefully planned activities and syllabus. This makes our children confident and well-equipped to face the challenges of the future.

Our Perspective

Education is a contextual activity and not just limited to the confines of classroom. Every new experience in child's life is a new opportunity for learning. Academics only plays the role of helping the child to put these experiences into context.


A continuous and consistent effort is made at GDS to develop children's innate skills and provide experience-based learning to support development of these life-skills. As such, Personality development and Core-competence development are the two pillars of our philosophy.


Interacting with children to make them

responsible, aware and able, for living a -

physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and intellectually

- healthy and fulfilling  life,

so that they can do the same for others.


  • Be open and positive to change.

  • Create opportunities for new experiences.

  • Focus on health and safety.

  • Focus on effectiveness and efficiency of every action.

  • Do whatever is in best interest of the children.


  • Interplay of Nature & Nurture play a vital role in health of a child. GDS strives to strike a balance between the two focussing on the process of “NURTURE “ .

  • Every child is different and may not excel everywhere. GDS strives to provide exposure and experience to all children which helps them to identify and utilise their strengths while also making them aware of weaknesses.

  • All the staff and stakeholders of GDS are working towards securing a better future for the children along with a sustainable environment. Keeping this in mind, all decisions at GDS are taken on the basis of two questions –"Whether it is good  for the child” and “Whether it is sustainable with positive outcomes”.

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