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FAQs and general points to remember

How does school-parent communication take place?

  • Notices regarding projects, activities, etc. will be issued at appropriate times during the year. Kindly follow all instructions, if any, given on notices.

  • Messages between teacher – parents are given through “GDS School Diary”. Check the school diary every day for any messages / notices.

  • School will get in touch with parents regarding any issues that need mention or need to be discussed.

  • Communication lines are open on phone and email during the office hours.

  • Parents can visit school with prior appointment. Appointments will be scheduled between 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays.

  • Parents meetings are organized for generalized feedback and report about the classes.

What care should parents take regarding transport facility?

  • All parents will be provided with a 'GDS Transport Card'. This card is to be used for collecting students at bus stop in case the child’s parents are unable to come. Kindly inform the school beforehand when someone other than parents is going to receive the child.

  • Parents will be provided with a User Name and Password for tracking their child's bus via GPS phone app - "eTechSchoolBus" - which can be downloaded from Google's Play Store or Apple's App store.

  • School bus will not wait beyond the stipulated time for the given bus stop. All transport routes will follow the clock timings set according to the local Internet Time.

  • Any requests about change of bus stop, any complaints or any queries regarding school transport should be communicated with the school's admin office and NOT with the transport staff or teachers.

What are the guidelines regarding sick leave for students?

  • It is recommended not to send unwell students to school until they are healthy.

  • For serious and/or contagious illness it is mandatory to bring doctor’s certificate, certifying the student to be able and safe to attend the school.

  • The school will require doctor's certificate for sick leave of more than 3 working days.

  • It is recommended that primary and pre-primary students take 30 hours of rest after any illness, before resuming the school.

  • If we find the child to be feeling ill, we may call the parents to the school campus and ask them to take the child to a doctor.

Can students bring any material from home?

  • It is strictly not allowed to bring items from home (like books, toys, ornaments, tiffin boxes, valuable items, etc.) without prior permission from school.

  • Please do not hesitate to call school admin office regarding any query.

What are guidelines regarding dress code for grades Playgroup to 4th?

  • All children should wear simple and decent cotton dresses.

  • For 1st Term, it is recommended to avoid full length pants for playgroup to 4th grade.

  • As a part of our school policy, sleeveless dresses are not allowed.

  • Strictly avoid sending valuable items (gold earrings, wrist watches, etc.) to school. The school will not be responsible for loss of any valuable items brought by students.

  • It is recommended to use 'Velcro' shoes/sandals up to 4th grade. Choose footwear that is comfortable for the children and easy for them remove or put-on.

  • Carrying a handkerchief is compulsory for all students.

  • Children should carry one set of extra dress including under garments and towel (not napkin) with bold name sticker on the bag. Kindly attach name tag on water bottle, napkin and inside rainy shoes for easy identification.

  • For Playgroup, Nursery, Jr.Kg. and Sr.Kg. 2 sets of clothes should be submitted to be kept in school.

What are guidelines for uniform for grades 5th to 10th?

  • The T-shirt for the uniform - with school's logo printed on it - will be provided by the school.

  • Pants of the uniform (Denim blue jeans) are not provided by the school. Students and parents should make sure that the Denim Blue jeans pant is of plain style and of proper shade of blue. Pants with printed pattern, stone wash, ripped style, etc. will not be allowed within the campus.

  • Sport shoes are compulsory part of uniform. Students/Parents are free to choose the style, design and color of the shoes.

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